3 Tracks for Participants of PRA 2017

The 23rd PRA Annual Meeting will have separate tracks to cater to everyone’s differing educational/ information needs. This is probably the first time that the organizers have deliberately structured the annual event in a way to address participants’ interests. 
There will be different talks given to those with specialty training in Rheumatology (open to both PRA and non-PRA members) and generalists (including family physicians, internists, or other specialists) with interest in the field. Another first is the inclusion of a patient track – more than being partners for specific activities – they will have their own set of lectures and an interactive session.

Learn more about these tracks in subsequent posts to the PRA 2017 tab. 

Check back also for more of other activities happening this February 23-25, 2017.

RA Updates? Come to our November SIGa!

PRA members are once again invited to attend a special interest group activity this November 5, 2016 at the Holiday Inn, Makati City. The focus of the day’s events will be rheumatoid arthritis. Listed below is the preliminary¬†program provided by the Makati Medical Center Section of Rheumatology, the event’s co-organizer.

1030 Р1200H    Research Clinical Trial Training for fellows

1200 Р1300H    Lunch Symposium

1300 Р1310H     Opening Ceremonies

1310 Р1350H     Revisiting the Pathophysiology of Rheumatoid Arthritis

1350 Р1430H     ACR and EULAR Guideline Update

1430 Р1510H     Break

1510 Р1550H     Difficult Care Panel Discussion (with PRA members as panelists)

1550 Р1630H     Easy Case Discussion (with fellows in training as discussants)

1630 Р1640H     Closing Remarks

This is the Association’s third CME activity for the year following the 22nd Annual Meeting. The first two were the Lupus SIG activity co-organized with USTH Section of Rheumatology, Immunology and Osteoporosis and the Psoriatic Arthritis SIG Symposium handled by the UP PGH Section of Rheumatology.

The next CME activity following this would be the 23rd Annual Meeting in February 2017 to be followed by another event (target date on May 2017) to be co-organized with either the Section of Rheumatology of SLMC or JRRMMC.

The secretariat is in the process of applying for CME credit units with the Philippine College of Physicians and Philippine Medical Association.

Non-NCR PRA members can coordinate with the secretariat regarding transportation and accommodations.

An Invitation to Lupus & ACA 2017

Two international conventions will join together in 2017!


LUPUS 2017 & ACA 2017: The 12th International Congress on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus & the 7th Asian Congress on Autoimmunity on 26-29 March 2017 in Melbourne, Australia

Abstract Deadline: 19 October 2016 | Early Registration Deadline: 19 December 2016

Learn more from their website: lupus2017.org


The 12th International Congress on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (LUPUS 2017) & the 7th Asian Congress on Autoimmunity (ACA 2017) are¬†proud to invite you to Melbourne, Australia, 26-29 March 2017. This¬†exciting joint SLE Congress and¬†Autoimmunity Congress¬†will be a platform for building bridges between clinicians and basic researchers,¬†focusing on global progress in translational research in SLE and autoimmunity. The theme of ACA will be “Microbiome, nutrition¬†and autoimmunity”.

Join colleagues from multiple disciplines, including rheumatology, immunology, dermatology, nephrology and autoimmunity to explore the latest findings and practices at this highly anticipated joint-congress.

LUPUS 2017 Chair: Prof. Eric F. Morand

ACA 2017 Chair: Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld

CONGRATULATIONS to our Board Passers!

The following have successfully passed the written examination given by the Philippine Specialty Board of Rheumatology last 26 June 2016 at the Cathedral Heights Building Complex, St. Luke’s Medical Center:

(Alphabetically Arranged)

  1. AFOS, Ivy
  2. CRISTOBAL, Miguel Antonio C.
  3. DE ASIS-FABILA, Aime S.
  4. GUTIERREZ-RUBIO, Anna Kristina
  5. TUPAS, Stamen N.
  6. ZAMORA, Leonid D.

The above clinical members are from hereon considered BOARD CERTIFIED. They will be be inducted as PRA Diplomates in ceremonies to be held during the 23rd Annual Meeting in February 2017. But prior to this, they have to comply with the requirements listed here. Please coordinate with the secretariat for the deadline of membership requirements.

Program for the Psoriatic Arthritis SIG 2016

Below is the program for the special interest group (SIG) meeting scheduled on 11 August 2016 to be held at the Museum of a History of Ideas, Padre Faura, Ermita, Manila.

1:45 PM – Patient’s Perspective on Psoriatic Arthritis – Mr. Josef De Guzman (President/ CEO, Psoriasis Philippines)

2:00 PM – Psoriatic Arthritis in Asia – Dr. Evelyn Osio-Salido (Head, UP PGH Section of Rheumatology/ Past President, PRA)

2:30 PM – Understanding the Pathophysiology of Psoriatic Arthritis – Dr. Bernadette Heizel Manapat-Reyes (Training Officer, UP PGH Section of Rheumatology/ President, PRA)

3:15 PM – Identifying Psoriasis Lesions – Dr. Rogelio Balagat (Training Officer, Dr. Victor R. Potenciano Memorial Medical Center Department of Medicine / IM-Rheuma-Derma)

3:45 PM – Management of Psoriasis – Dr. Ma. Lorna F. Frez (Associate Professor, UP PGH Department of Dermatology)

4:15 PM – Psoriatic Arthritis Guidelines – Dr. Ester G. Penserga (Past Head, UP PGH Section of Rheumatology/ Past President, PRA)

The activity will be held after the Dr. Lourdes Manahan Lectures in Rheumatology in the same venue in the morning.

PRA Mourns the Passing of a Pillar

Dr Antigua Smiling Dr Antigua Clapping

The Philippine Rheumatology Association mourns the passing of its Past President Dr. Joseph Antigua. Jojo is fondly remembered as a colleague, a friend, and a leader. We honor him for his service to the PRA and the support and friendship he extended to everyone. We are one with his family in this moment of grief.


Statement on Raising Awareness about Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis


We, in the Philippine Rheumatology Association, are pleased to partner with the Philippine Dermatological Society, Psoriasis Philippines and Novartis in increasing awareness for our patients with psoriasis.  As rheumatologists, we are keenly aware of the pain and suffering that our patients with psoriatic arthritis go through in their everyday lives.

Aside from the social stigma of being stared at because of their skin lesions, they go through physical challenges accomplishing tasks that we take for granted.  Tasks like getting up in the morning and reaching for your slippers, which become difficult for patients with back involvement.  Cutting and cooking food, eating, writing are challenging for patients with finger joint involvement.  The very act of dressing is a chore for those with shoulder involvement.
But even as we are witness to their physical limitations, we also celebrate with them their victories at what they can become and what they can achieve despite this chronic systemic illness.  Because our patients surmount, our patients are survivors.  Majority of them contribute to society in the same way that we do Рas doctors, as teachers, as business people, as nurses, as skilled workers, as parents and as students.
Today, we are especially pleased to participate in this photography project by empowered patients in PsorPhil, because finally, everyone will see our patients the same way we see them Рlesions or no lesions, they are persons of beauty, persons of strength, persons who are victorious, persons who can soar.

The above statement was given by Dr. Bernadette Heizel Reyes (PRA President) during the signing of the memorandum of agreement between PRA, PDS, PsorPhil and Novartis that aims to increase awareness on psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, educate people on the early recognition of psoriasis symptoms and eliminate the social stigma associated with the condition. 

It’s the 13th LMLR!

LMLR 2016 final poster2

The UP PGH Section of Rheumatology holds the Dr. Lourdes Manahan Lectures in Rheumatology for the 13th straight year. Themed “Backtrack: Back Pain Management at the Forefront”, the event will be held on August 11, 2016 at the Museum of a History of Ideas, UP Manila, Padre Faura St. (Fronting the Department of Justice Compound).

The following lectures will be given during the event:

  • When should back pain be a concern? by Dr. Jose Paulo Lorenzo
  • Fibromyalgia: Does this occur in Filipinos? by Dr. Auxencio Lucero
  • Osteoporosis: Broadening Concepts in Pathogenesis by Dr. Eric Jason Amante
  • Surgery for the Back: Indications and Options by Dr. Rafael Bundoc

There will also be a multidisciplinary case-based panel discussion involving Drs. Ester Penserga, Rafael Bundoc and Jose Alvin Mojica.

Attendance to the event will earn 10 PCP and 20 PMA CME units.

Those with inquiries may contact 554-8400 local 2207 or 0925-8083573.