New Targets in Osteoarthritis Therapy (SIG 2014)

Dr. Sidney Erwin Manahan briefly reviews current concepts on osteoarthritis pathogenesis and novel targets of treatment. He reviews the status of therapies directed at these targets. This was a presentation during the Joint Rheumatoid Arthritis – Osteoarthritis Special Interest Group Symposium held at the F1 Hotel last 28 November 2014. Dr. Sidney Erwin Manahan isContinue reading “New Targets in Osteoarthritis Therapy (SIG 2014)”

Handling Hand Osteoarthritis (SIG 2014)

Dr. Ester G. Penserga discusses new concepts on hand osteoarthritis – from disease mechanisms to treatment propositions. These were presented in the Joint Rheumatoid Arthritis – Osteoarthritis Special Interest Groups (SIG) Symposium held at F1 Hotel last 28 November 2014. Dr. Ester Gonzales-Penserga currently heads the UP PGH Section of Rheumatology and the Osteoarthritis SpecialContinue reading “Handling Hand Osteoarthritis (SIG 2014)”

Have pictures to share? Be part of PRA 2015!

Research papers and lectures are not the only ways for you to be part of PRA 2015. If you have interesting images or pictures, why not submit them to our Images in Rheumatology competition? This contest is open to the PUBLIC. The subject of the photos should be a clinical or laboratory image related toContinue reading “Have pictures to share? Be part of PRA 2015!”

Have a paper? Be part of PRA 2015!

In the previous years, research papers were often presented at a single forum organized on the last day of the convention. These wonderful papers would only be heard by those planning to attend the business meeting – which follows immediately after. For 2015, THAT WILL ALL CHANGE. Several original papers will be selected for presentation at the 21st PRAContinue reading “Have a paper? Be part of PRA 2015!”

Clear your scheds from February 26-28, 2015!

It was only last April that we were in Cebu for the Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology (APLAR) Congress. Soon, it’ll be time to celebrate a milestone! Let’s look back on what has changed and to move forward to the future of Rheumatology. Join us at the 21st Annual Meeting of the PhilippineContinue reading “Clear your scheds from February 26-28, 2015!”

The (2014 PCP) Exemplar Among Us

Dr Julie Li-Yu was recognized as a PCP Exemplar in Clinical Research during the recent Philippine College of Physicians Annual Convention, held in the SMX Convention Center, MOA Complex. She was given the award during the event’s closing ceremonies held May 7, 2014. Dr Julie Li-Yu was last term’s PRA Research Committee Head and had, likewise, served on severalContinue reading “The (2014 PCP) Exemplar Among Us”

PRA has a new Board

With ninety-nine (99) of one-hundred and eight (108) active members voting, the Philippine Rheumatology Association elected a new Board during the APLAR Congress held from April 1 to 4 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu. The Board consists of: Dr Eric Jason B Amante Dr Paul V Santos Estrella Dr Sidney Erwin T Manahan Dr ArleneContinue reading “PRA has a new Board”