PRA has a new Board

With ninety-nine (99) of one-hundred and eight (108) active members voting, the Philippine Rheumatology Association elected a new Board during the APLAR Congress held from April 1 to 4 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu. The Board consists of: Dr Eric Jason B Amante Dr Paul V Santos Estrella Dr Sidney Erwin T Manahan Dr ArleneContinue reading “PRA has a new Board”

Food and Gout: Updated Advice

“My joints started being painful when I ate….” “I must have eaten a lot of … that’s why my knees are painful.” “Is there anything I should avoid eating?” “Is it true that eating pork, beans and rice cause joint pains?” I almost always encounter similar statements and questions when evaluating patients coming in forContinue reading “Food and Gout: Updated Advice”

Is Arthritis Just An Old Man’s Scourge?

It’s 2014 and yet most people still harbor the old-fashioned misconceptions about arthritis. Many thinks that arthritis: is a disease of the old people, is triggered by certain weather conditions, is a nuisance feeling of pain and discomfort, can be cured, and is caused by bad diet. The truth is there are more than 100Continue reading “Is Arthritis Just An Old Man’s Scourge?”