Travel Grant

The PRA Travel Grant

Who may avail of the grant?

Any rheumatology fellow-in-training, internal medicine resident-in-training or medical student whose research in rheumatology has been accepted for oral presentation as first author in an internationally recognized rheumatology conference will be entitled to avail of the travel grant policy

What are the minimum requirements?
  1. Endorsement by the head of Rheumatology of the applicant’s institution. Priority will be given to applicants whose research output has been duly approved by the PRA Research Committee
  2. Proof of acceptance and participation in the international conference needs to be submitted at least 4 to 6  weeks prior to the conference
  3. Research work should have a direct supervision by a PRA fellow/diplomate
Who decides on whether the grant will be given?
  • Finance committee upon the recommendation of Research Committee
How much will be given per grant?
  1. Grant amount of USD 500 (minimum) to USD 1,000 (maximum) to help cover conference registration fees, hotel accommodations and airfare
  2. There will be a maximum of 5 travel grants for Asia-Pacific and 2 for USA/Europe conferences per year and provided that the total travel grant per year does not exceed USD 5000.
  3. A particular applicant may avail of a maximum of 1 travel grant per year.
  4. If the grant is approved, a formal report as proof of attendance in the conference including pictures must be submitted to the finance committee within 2 weeks after the conference in MS Word format.
  5. The awardee is required to submit his/her research output in the form of a full manuscript for presentation at the succeeding annual PRA meeting. The paper will not be eligible for the PRA Research contest.

Date of effectivity: 2016

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