For PRA Members

How is it like to be a PRA Member?

S/he has the following duties & responsibilities…

Whether s/he’s a fellow, diplomate or clinical member
  1. A member of the Association shall conduct himself according to the principles of medical ethics set by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA)
  2. He shall attend the meeting and participate in the activities of the Association
  3. He shall pay all dues, fees and assessments imposed by the Association.
Exempt from paying annual dues are the following:
  1. Honorary Fellows
  2. A member of good standing for the last 10 years who has reached the age of 65 years
  3. A Fellow in good standing for the last 10 years may elect to obtain a status of Life Member by paying a life membership fee to be determined by the Board.

S/he shall have the following rights …

  1. (Fellows) the right to be voted upon into office unless disqualified by the other provisions of the Constitutions and By-Laws.
  2. (Fellows, Diplomates and Associate Members) the right to vote
  3. Entitled to privileges and benefits provided for the Association as determined by the Board
  4. Entitled to participate in all functions of the Association

S/he can avail the following benefits…

Death, Disability and Legal Assistance Program (read here)

Travel Grant (read here)

Do you need a certificate of good standing? Learn our conditions before getting one… here

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the PRA Secretariat or fill out the Contact Form found here.

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