#PRA2018 Pre Convention

The convention proper starts on 16 February 2018 but here’s an incentive for everyone to arrive a day in advance!

24 PRA meeting poster revisedThe pre-convention is an opportunity for the Association to expand services offered to patients with rheumatic diseases. This year there will be two main pre-convention activities – the Rheumatology Workshop for Nurses and the Rheumatology Made Simple Course for Physicians. Currently being planned are meetings for accredited rheumatology training institutions and an orientation to new members.


The care of the patients with rheumatic diseases is not limited to the services rendered by physicians and physical therapists. Nurses also play an important role in improving outcomes and making the lives of our patients much better. To start off the practice of rheumatology nursing, the Association will be holding a 1-day workshop to introduce the field and some of the work expected of rheumatology nurses:

  • 0800H Introduction to the Workshop
  • 0815H What Rheumatic Diseases Require Infusion Therapy
  • 0845H Review of Armamentarium: Traditional Therapies
  • 0905H Review of Armamentarium: Biologic Immunotherapies
  • 1015H Workshop on Cytotoxic and Biologic Infusion Preparation
  • 1515H Post Infusion/ Post Injection Care
  • 1600H Outcome Measures in Rheumatology



While in may appear easy, there are some nuances to the care of patients suffering from them. Also, there are differences in the way we manage different types of arthritis. It may also be a challenge to identify what type of arthritis one has when they consult with you at the hospital or clinic. This half day course is intended to refresh our knowledge and skills on the approach to some commonly encountered rheumatic diseases. And as an added bonus for internist-trainees, you can try your knowledge bases with the review questions to be given at the end.

  • 1300H Approach to Arthritis and other Musculoskeletal Diseases
  • 1330H Acute Monoarthritis: Gout and Septic Arthritis
  • 1415H Chronic Monoarthritis: Osteoarthritis
  • 1515H Chronic Polyarthritis: SLE, RA and Spondyloarthritis
  • 1600h Low Back Pain: Spondyloarthritis and Others
  • 1630H Rheumatology Review Questions


We look forward to you joining us in our #PRA2018 24th Annual Meeting!

For inquiries and concerns, you may contact our secretariat through telephone no. +632-7268875 or email philrheuma@gmail.com / pra_office@yahoo.com.



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