PRA 2017: The Patients’ Track

Patients during conventions usually help other participants appreciate more of the disease(s) of interest. Well not anymore!

The Patient Track is a by invitation only set of talks given to patients during the convention. The sessions will include a discussion on the Magna Carta for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), emotional wellness and best practices in patient support groups. Following the break, patients will get to interact with each other and, hopefully, organize themselves to further common interests of patients with rheumatic conditions.

Patients invited to the track are registered free of charge on the 23rd. However, if they wish to join sessions on the 24th and 25th, they would have to pay an additional P3,500 PER DAY. Accompanying persons are not allowed during Patient track – they will also be charged P3,500 PER DAY should they wish to attend the convention.

The 23rd PRA Annual Meeting is to be held at the Conrad Hotel from February 23-25, 2017. This year’s theme is “Rheuma RANGE: Rapid Advancements, New Knowledge and Growing Expectations”.


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2 thoughts on “PRA 2017: The Patients’ Track

  1. Good day! I am interested to join on patients track . I would like to share my experiences about my osteo arthritis and especially my sister who struggle on this kind of disease. How can we join here? Thank you


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